1. thatkinkyswitch:

    So, boy, tell me why I shouldn’t just tie these to the hook in the ceiling and keep them in this position for the rest of the day.  And remember to speak clearly if you want to be persuasive.

    It’s been so long since i’ve gotten to play with Daddy, I think I even miss these…

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  2. Being a good puppy and making Daddy feel good.

  3. Awwww…Daddy’s gonna make Puppy cry………..

  4. Puppy lunch break.

  5. Another pic from this past weekend’s fun with Daddy. *wag*

  7. grover3:

    Verbal Men are always hot - even when it’s just subtitles, you can tell his dishing out the verbal encouragement in a royal fashion !    Hope the  dumb bitch appreciates Him.


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  8. It was a fun weekend with Daddy. He saw my post and made a Puppy so happy.  He said Puppy is on his way to becoming a pain pig, but it’s gonna take lots and lots of training.  :)

  9. Had to piss. Sitting here staring at the stains on my shorts. *wag*

  10. sweatyjcks:



    Every dude knows what that smells like. We all get like that sometimes.

    All men should be like this.  Always :)